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APPL e-Methanol
-Powering a Green Future-

Embracing Renewable Innovation with APPL e-Methanol

Electrifying Sustainability with APPL e-Methanol

APPL is at the forefront of eco-friendly energy solutions, presenting our revolutionary e-Methanol, also recognized as ‘green’ methanol for its sustainable production process. Our e-Methanol – Power-to-x Project  is an exemplar of ingenuity, manufactured through the harmonious combination of post combustion of CO2 from flue gas and hydrogen obtained from water electrolysis.

The Carbon-Neutral Fuel of Tomorrow, Today

By capturing post combustion carbon dioxide from flue gas – turning APPL natural gas Bergen engine power plant to a renewable power source – and fusing it with green hydrogen produced from renewable electricity and water, we craft a carbon-neutral e-Methanol. This cutting-edge Electrofuel is a leap forward in the electrification of transportation and industry, offering a tangible solution to the urgent need for carbon emission reduction.

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APPL e-Methanol Advantages

reduces CO2 emissions by 60-95%, NOx emissions by 60-80%, and almost eliminates sulfur oxide and particulate matter emissions.

Driving Electrification with Eco-Conscious Choices

APPL e-Methanol is not merely a product; it’s an active step towards the decarbonization of multiple sectors. The conversion of electricity into liquid energy encapsulates the ease of traditional fuel use while maintaining safety in storage and transportation.

Transformative Impact for Mobility and Industry

Join the movement towards a sustainable future where mobility and industrial processes are powered by green energy. APPL e-Methanol is more than an alternative fuel—it’s a commitment to pioneering a future where our energy consumption is in harmony with nature.

Ready to transition to e-Methanol and make a positive impact on the environment?
Contact us to explore how APPL e-Methanol can become an integral part of your energy portfolio for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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