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APPL Reformed-Residual Oil

Transforming Heavy Fuel Oil for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Innovating Industrial Fuel

Discover APPL R-RO, our revolutionary heavy fuel oil alternative specifically tailored for industrial applications. With a focus on reducing the environmental footprint of traditional Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), we introduce a sustainable solution that doesn’t compromise on the required high boiling point and viscosity for efficient industrial use.

A Trio of Power Options

Superior Fuel, Reduced Emissions

Traditional HFO is notorious for high sulfur content and consequent SO2 emissions, which pose significant environmental and health risks. APPL R-RO leverages APPL’s advanced nanonized hydrogen-laden technology to replace conventional cutters, maintaining the calorific value of the oil while dramatically reducing sulfur content and emissions.

High Calorific Value at Lower Cost

By blending our proprietary hydrogen-rich product with residual oil using NPFFT – FRU technology, APPL R-RO maintains the high energy content of HFO while significantly cutting costs associated with traditional cutters. Enjoy the benefits of a high-calorific fuel that is not only more cost-effective but also kinder to our planet.

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Benefits of APPL R-RO

Minimize harmful emissions with a reformed oil that contains significantly less sulfur.

Commitment to Sustainability

Embrace a future where industrial processes align with global sustainability goals. APPL R-RO is not just a product; it’s a commitment to a more sustainable industrial practice, reducing the ecological impact of necessary heating applications.

Step into the Future of Industrial Heating

Choosing APPL R-RO means opting for a cleaner, more responsible fuel. We are dedicated to innovating the way industries operate, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and an earnest consideration for the environment.

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