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Alternative Petroleum and Power Limited (APPL) stands out among renewable energy companies in Nigeria. As a privately owned entity licensed under CAMA2020 with RC: 1650346, we’re a beacon of innovation in Nigeria’s energy landscape.


Our head office anchors our strategic presence in Nigeria at No. 9 Munzali Jibril Street, APO, Abuja, while our dynamic operations are orchestrated from our facility at No. 15 Asari Eso Layout, Calabar

Leading Through Innovation

Positioned at the cutting edge of energy solutions, APPL takes pride in harnessing Nano Plasma Fuel Fusion Technology (NPFFT) and Sulfex™ Desulfurization Technology (SDT). This commitment to innovation enables us to deliver reformed fuels (R-Fuels), setting a new oil and gas industry standard. Through these technologies, we promise not just energy but cleaner, more efficient, and environmentally conscious solutions.

A Pan-African Commitment

Alternative Petroleum and Power Limited (APPL) holds a distinguished position in Africa’s energy sector, having secured exclusive distribution rights in fifteen African countries to provide reformed fuels and clean energy derived from our trailblazing Nano Plasma Fuel Fusion Technology (NPFFT) and Sulfex™ Desulfurization Technology (SDT). This strategic alliance isn’t merely about distribution; it signifies APPL’s commitment to revolutionising Africa’s energy landscape with cleaner, efficient, and sustainable options. For in-depth details on our distribution agreement, please follow the provided link.

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