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Training and Development

Training & Development at APPL

Empowering Our Workforce

At Alternative Petroleum and Power Limited (APPL), we believe in nurturing our most valuable asset – our people. Our commitment to training and development is unwavering, ensuring every team member is equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to excel.

Continuous Learning Journey

We understand that the dynamic landscape of renewable energy demands constant learning and upskilling. To this end, our employees actively participate in an array of training programs, seminars, and workshops, both in-house and external.

Key Training Areas

1. Understanding APPL

Delve deep into our Vision, Mission, Business Focus, and Strategy to align personal goals with organizational objectives.

2. Team Dynamics

Understand our Organizational Structure and navigate Staff Relationships, fostering a harmonious workplace environment.

3. Operational Excellence

Learn the intricacies of our Service Delivery Process, emphasizing Safety, Security, and the highest Operational Standard Appreciation (OSA).

4. Strategic Marketing

Acquire skills to position our green initiatives in a competitive marketplace.

5. Building Bonds

Master the art of Customer Relationship Management to ensure we always exceed expectations.

Industrial Exchange Programs

To further refine our team’s analytical abilities, we’ve instituted industrial exchange programs. These immersive experiences are tailored to provide a richer understanding of global best practices, ensuring our workforce stays at the cutting edge.

Successful Project

APPL Project Green – More Than Just Energy

Our initiatives, particularly Project Green, are not just about harnessing renewable energy. They are a testament to our socio-economic commitment

Alleviating Poverty

By bolstering efuel production and the naira, we're working towards a more prosperous Nigeria.

Boosting the Economy

Attracting foreign investments of approximately $8.95 billion, we're propelling Nigeria's growth trajectory.

Creating Jobs

Offering over 15,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities, we're transforming lives.


Our compliance with international carbon emission agreements showcases our dedication to the environment.

Environmental Compliance & Monitoring

We are steadfast in our commitment to uphold both local and global waste management standards. Regular audits, rigorous monitoring, and employee training on waste handling ensure we remain compliant while championing environmental stewardship.

Join Our Vision

At APPL, every employee is not just a part of the organization; they are a part of a vision. A vision that encompasses the well-being of the Planet, the prosperity of People, and the continuous Progress of our nation.

We're Ready Anytime

We Are Available For 24/7 Support Services

Our customer service team is available to assist you with any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have. We strive to provide excellent service and would love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.