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APPL Reformed Diesel Oil

Cleaner Diesel, Clearer Conscience

Advancing Towards Cleaner Combustion

Introducing APPL RDO, a breakthrough in the pursuit of eco-friendly fuel alternatives. Meticulously crafted through the fusion of our proprietary nanonized hydrogen-rich formula with traditional diesel oil, APPL RDO is a superior fuel that stands at the forefront of energy innovation.


High Performance, Low Emissions

Our reformed diesel oil promises to retain the robust energy output you expect while dramatically reducing the environmental impact. Engineered for complete combustion, APPL RDO significantly diminishes the release of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), aligning your operations with a more sustainable approach.

Exceeding Standards

APPL RDO isn't just about meeting expectations but exceeding them. Compliant with the stringent Afri-6/VI (Euro 6/VI) standards, our reformed oil boasts a sulfur content of just 15ppm, setting a new benchmark for clean fuel.

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Features at a Glance

Harness the power of hydrogen, the ultimate clean energy source, blended seamlessly with diesel to deliver a premium fuel experience.

Driving Change with Every Drop

By choosing APPL RDO, you’re not just fueling your machinery; you’re powering a movement towards a greener planet. Our diesel alternative is designed for the conscientious organization that believes in progress without compromise.

Embrace the Future of Diesel

Make the switch to APPL Reformed-Diesel Oil and join us in shaping an eco-conscious future. It’s more than fuel; it’s a step towards a cleaner world.

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