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Pioneering a Greener Tomorrow

APPL PROJECT GREEN stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to decarbonization and sustainable development. With an innovative two-phase approach, our project is designed to usher in a new era of eco-friendly energy solutions and reduce our environmental footprint.


a clean start

Revolutionizing Telecom Energy Sources

We are leading the charge by transforming the energy systems of over 3,500 telecom base stations across Nigeria, switching from diesel generators to cleaner methanol-fuel cells.

Renewable Methanol and CO2 Production

A significant production of renewable methanol is set to commence, aimed at satisfying both domestic and international markets.

Concurrently, we will produce high-purity CO2 for the food and beverage industries, ensuring its sustainable production and use.


Scaling Sustainability

Amplifying Green Production

With the future completion of a groundbreaking hydro Dam, our production capacities for green methanol and ammonia will scale significantly.

Powering National Growth

APPL will contribute surplus clean energy to the national grid, supporting the country's broader energy needs and stability.

Embracing Green Technologies

Green Hydrogen Innovation

The deployment of cutting-edge electrolyzer technology to produce green hydrogen symbolizes our dedication to clean energy.

Sustainable Fuel Production

By synthesizing captured CO2 with green hydrogen, we will create sustainable electro-fuels, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Our Environmental Pledge

Towards Net-Zero Emissions

APPL Project Green is more than a project; it's our promise to the future. We are on a path to significantly lower GHG emissions, in line with global ambitions to combat climate change.

A Carbon-Neutral Vision

Our initiatives echo our resolve to reach carbon neutrality, aligning our operations with environmental stewardship and global best practices.
By prioritizing environmental integrity and sustainable progress, APPL Project Green is not just a project but a journey towards a cleaner, more resilient future for all.

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