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In the heart of Nigeria, where the potential for renewable energy is vast and untapped, APPL emerges as a beacon of innovation and commitment. As pioneers in the realm of sustainable energy solutions, we believe in a future where Nigeria is powered by clean, efficient, and environmentally-friendly energy sources. Our mission and values are not just statements on paper; they reflect our unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the energy sector creating a brighter, greener future for all Nigerians.


Harnessing renewable energy in Nigeria to sustain a healthier environment through the provision of affordable and eco-friendly energy.


At APPL, our commitment to renewable energy in Nigeria drives our initiative to protect the environment. By offering reformed fuels and energy, we aim to significantly reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions, leading the way in sustainable energy solutions for Nigeria.

Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Recognizing the global shift towards renewable energy, especially in Nigeria, we’ve taken on a profound responsibility. Our products are designed to minimize the harmful effects of traditional fossil fuels, bringing them closer to zero and fostering a safer, healthier environment.

Promote the Economy & Employment:

The push for renewable energy in Nigeria is not only about the environment but also about economic empowerment. APPL’s reformed fuels and services are competitively priced to drive economic growth, boost employment opportunities, and alleviate poverty within the region.


At APPL, our dedication to renewable energy in Nigeria translates to a commitment to our customers. We strive to meet and exceed our esteemed customers’ expectations by aligning with international best practices in service delivery and product quality.


Our belief in the potential of renewable energy in Nigeria resonates with our team’s collaborative spirit. As a gender-sensitive organization and equal opportunity employer, we pool our diverse strengths and skills to achieve our shared vision.


The journey towards championing renewable energy in Nigeria requires unwavering integrity. We maintain transparency with our clients, stakeholders, and within our team. Upholding the highest ethical standards across all our processes and products, APPL stands firm with zero tolerance for any unethical practices.

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