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Collaborative Excellence in Renewable Energy

At APPL, we understand that pioneering a greener future, especially in the complex realm of renewable energy, necessitates the amalgamation of global expertise and innovative thinking. Our journey towards shaping the future of renewable energy in Nigeria has been bolstered by our esteemed partners. From the meticulous project management overseen by Multiconsult ASA to the cutting-edge technologies brought in by Siemens Energy and Bloom Energy, our collaborations are a testament to our commitment to excellence.

We are privileged to collaborate with a roster of global giants, each bringing a unique forte to the table. From consultancy to technical prowess, our partners play a pivotal role in the realization of our mission. This page offers a glimpse into the companies that stand with us, shoulder-to-shoulder, as we strive to redefine the landscape of renewable energy in Nigeria and beyond.

Multiconsult ASA, Norway

A multidisciplinary engineering consultancy firm headquartered in Norway. With decades of experience, Multiconsult provides consulting, design, and architecture solutions, specializing in environmental and community planning projects.

DFIC, Germany

A leading finance and consulting firm based in Germany. DFIC is renowned for its expertise in international development projects, often playing a pivotal role in the infrastructure and energy sectors.

BSE Methanol GmbH, Germany

Specializing in methanol-based technologies, BSE Methanol GmbH is at the forefront of renewable energy solutions. With a strong research and development wing, the company is a pioneer in green methanol production.

Asco Group, Aberdeen, Switzerland

A global leader in supply chain management, Asco Group has a strong presence in the energy sector, offering end-to-end logistics solutions and services.

Bergen Engines AS, Norway

A subsidiary of Langley Holdings. Bergen Engines is known for its high-performance engines, tailored to serve maritime and power generation industries.

Baker Hughes, USA

A world leader in advanced technologies and services with over a century of experience, Baker Hughes offers solutions for the energy and industrial sectors.

Bloom Energy, USA

Revolutionizing the electric power market with its solid oxide fuel cells, Bloom Energy provides clean and reliable energy solutions to a variety of industries.

Diesel Electric Services, South Africa

With a focus on power generation equipment, Diesel Electric Services offers comprehensive solutions, from design to maintenance, ensuring reliable energy supply.

ECOnnect Energy, Norway

A frontrunner in offshore renewable energy, ECOnnect Energy specializes in floating systems for wind, solar, and wave energy harvesting.

Hexagon Purus, Norway

Leading the way in zero-emission mobility, Hexagon Purus offers innovative solutions in battery packs and hydrogen storage systems.

Platinum Water Co, Japan

A water solutions enterprise, Platinum Water Co specializes in water treatment systems, ensuring safe and sustainable water supply.


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