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Alternative Petroleum and Power Limited (APPL) is a privately owned Nigerian company that aims to produce and market clean, efficient and environmentally friendly reformed (Nano-emulsified) fuels: Diesel (AGO), Kerosene (DPK), Residual oil and low pour fuel oil (LPFO) with increased quantum. At APPL, we aim at helping our customers save more by reducing their overall fuel costs and harmful emissions drastically while ensuring the efficiency of their engines.

(L-R) Farouk Muawiyah Umar,  Executive Director APPL and Mr. John W. “Jack” Carter, Director Alternative Petroleum Technologies (APT).

Mr. Jack Waldron, Vice President of Engineering (l) Alternative Petroleum Technologies (APT), Farouk Muawiyah Umar (m) Executive Director APPL Ltd and Mr. John W. “Jack” Carter, Director (r) (APT)

The Company unique technological process uses a patented technology (exclusively licensed to APPL) in its Fuel Reformation Unit (FRU) that can be installed and used at customer location or its own preferred Production Facility. The FRU equipment combines and emulsifies 50% of the conventional fuel supply with 50% Nano-water using Nano-Emulsion Technology.

APPL also has a Waste Transformation and Recycling segment where it produces high quality Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) using scrap tyres and recycled plastic.


Core Values


We hold an exclusive patented right with our foreign technical partners. They have developed a Fuel Reformation Unit (FRU) technology to produce stable water-hydrocarbon mixtures (reformed fuel) that generate substantially less carbon emissions and are less costly than traditional carbon fuels.  For more information on the agreement visit the link below.  https://worldstagenews.com/alternative-petroleum-technologies-signs-distribution-agreement-for-15-african-countries/